Archizofrenia is a reflection of a Barcelona minority architecture that present serious obstacles to become logical and normal in social situations. It’s product of hallucinations of a few, which are disorganized and divided from the rest, presenting common symptoms.

The objectives were to study:

-The archeology and the world of ruins, where the different types were studied.
-The visual world and the artistic representation of the ruin along the modern era and the symbolism adopted in each period until today.
-Criticism of the urban planning of Barcelona and its architectural actions.
-The creation of virtual images using computer tools.

The result of this investigation were 16 artworks that show contemporanen iconics buildings of Barcelona in ruins. Those images formed part of a exhibition that took place during two months in the exhibition space Barra de Ferro. Later this images were able to see in New York city during the Laser Cat event. If you are interested you can read this research on the next link.

Project done with Raúl Oliva.

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