OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAmadeu Ventayol is a designer that nowadays lives in Barcelona and has more of 3 years of experience in developing architecture research (specializing in sense perception) and architecture projects: 2d plans, 3d models, renders, calculating facilities, measurament, construction and management.

He has worked with Fernando Salas at Salasstudio where developed different projects about interior, graphic and industrial design. At the moment he is combining the work at Roarquitectos, where he is carrying out architectural projects and research projects related to this field, with other personal projects.

Through the years he has done differents projects like scenographies for a summer festival, design researches about the contemporanean architecture of Barcelona or how the interior design of a restaurant can change the perception of the taste. And has won several awards such as Habticola XXV Vitra Award, MELA project Museums and Libraries in/of the Age of Migrations or Best scenography street in Festa Major de Sants.

He has studied a design degree and a design research master at EINA ( Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona –UAB) where his passion about architecture started. He is also a musician and for that reason is interested in multisensorial projects where the sight, smell, touch, taste or sound are designed to produce new experiences.